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Dermal filler treatments

Our doctors use dermal fillers to refresh, rejuvenate and enhance the features of your appearance that are affecting your confidence and wellbeing. The natural ageing process causes your appearance to change over time. Areas of your face can start to look tired or sag. Dermal fillers offer a solution to reduce the appearance of these signs, and are an alternative to cosmetic surgical treatment. Dermal filler treatments are designed to be biocompatible and can provide an immediate natural aesthetic improvement to the treated areas. These products can also be used to enhance your natural features to help you achieve more confidence with your appearance. Facial contouring around your lower face areas such as chin, jawline and neck strengthen and tighten your skin with minimal discomfort.

We offer a variety of dermal filler treatments at Virgin Care Private, using the best known and tested products. Our doctors can offer various dermal filler procedures, including:

Cheek fillers

Common patient concerns about the cheek area include a lack of volume or cheek bone projection. Dermal fillers for the cheeks can be used to enhance your natural cheek features, improving the contour of your face, and can be used to correct for any volume loss which has developed with ageing. Facial treatment usually provides immediate results. During your consultation, our doctors will discuss your specific treatment requirements. The effects following treatment can last up to 12 months.

Nose-to-mouth fold (Nasolabial) wrinkle fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to soften the appearance of the natural skin fold running from your nose corner to mouth corner. This fold generally deepens with age. Treatment to this area aims to improve the appearance by reducing the depth of the wrinkle crease, promoting a fresher appearance. Results are usually immediate, with effects lasting up to nine months on average.

Lip fillers

Lips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also change over time with ageing. Lip fillers can be used to enhance your lip size, redefine your lip shape and line, or refresh your lips towards their previous appearance. Our doctors pride themselves in their ability to provide naturally looking lip enhancements. Dermal filler treatments to the lips will produce immediate results, but can be associated with some swelling and bruising. We advise you to plan for your lip treatment appropriately - our doctors will discuss your suitability and treatment expectations during your consultation. The effects of lip injections can last up to six months on average.

Mouth corners and jowls folds (”marionette”)

The term “marionette” describes the skin folds or lines which run down from the corners of your mouth towards your jawline. This is often a feature which only develops with ageing, leading to a ‘sad mouth’ or jowly appearance. Dermal skin fillers for wrinkles around the mouth can be strategically placed to soften the appearance of this age-related feature, refreshing the mouth corners and reducing the appearance of jowls. Results are usually immediate, with effects lasting up to nine months on average.

Chin and jawline

Whether you are seeking enhancement to your jawline, or improvement to the signs of ageing often leading to sagginess and jowling, dermal fillers for the face can be used to help in this area. With treatment results lasting up to 12 months, our doctors can advise you on your suitability for contouring treatment in this area.

Fine lines and wrinkles (including “smoker’s lines”)

Dermal fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For those areas not suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers can provide an alternative. Common areas for dermal fillers for fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth help to ease “smoker’s lines”. It is important to understand that you may develop these lines without smoking as they are related to the pursing action and general movements of your mouth. Your suitability for this treatment will be discussed during your consultation with one of our doctors. Treatment results can last up to six months

Tear trough (under eye area)

Hollowness and darkness can be particularly concerning in the under-eye area, as it leads to a tired and aged appearance. This is often a difficult area to improve, even with makeup or even surgery. Dermal fillers for dark circles under the eyes provide an option to improve both the hollowness and darkness, especially in the tear trough area. This is often seen as a dark groove starting from the inside corner of the eye and leading to the cheek area. The effects following treatment can last up to six months. Not all patients may be suitable for this treatment - our doctors will discuss your suitability and treatment expectations during your consultation. This is classed as an advanced treatment.

Temporal forehead wrinkle fillers

Ageing causes hollowness to worsen at the sides of your forehead, known as the Temporal area. Due to age related changes, this sunken appearance can be particularly ageing. Dermal fillers for the forehead can be carefully placed in this area to improve the hollowness, promoting a healthier looking appearance. The effects following treatment can last up to 12 months. This is classed as an advanced treatment.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (non-surgical nose reshaping)

There is a growing demand for non-surgical treatments for the nose - aiming to make subtle adjustments to the shape in both portrait and profile angles. Non-surgical nose reshaping uses specific placement of dermal fillers to try and optimise the appearance of your nose in line with your concerns. The effects following treatment can last up to 12 months. Not all clients may be suitable for this treatment - our doctors will discuss your suitability and treatment expectations during your consultation. This is classed as an advanced treatment.

Each treatment usually takes an average of 15 minutes, but we recommend you set aside up to an hour for your consultation and treatment, especially if you are new to Virgin Care Private.

Your aesthetic consultation

Our doctors will perform a full medical consultation to make sure you are suitable for treatment and your concerns are realistically amenable to dermal filler procedures. Unfortunately, we cannot offer all clients cosmetic treatment. Some reasons why (but not exclusively) include: if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are actively breast feeding. You may also need further dermal filler treatments to your area of concern to obtain your goal. Our doctors will discuss this fully with you during your consultation, to make sure aesthetic treatments can be performed safely.

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