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Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, can be embarrassing and distressing to the affected individual. The symptoms caused by sweating more than the body requires to cool down can be unsightly and lead to self-directed lifestyle modifications in order to hide the symptoms. This can be as extreme as avoiding certain social situations to hide the symptoms of hydrosis or hyperhydrosis.

Our team can provide appropriate counselling and treatment, if suitable, to improve your hyperhidrosis and related symptoms. Treatment includes the use of an injectable product in sweat glands to reduce your body’s ability to sweat - most commonly used for treatment of underarm and armpit sweating. These products are the same as those used for wrinkle-relaxing aesthetic treatments. Hyperhidrosis treatment results last an average of three months, and some people can find that their sweating is improved in the treatment areas for up to six months following a course of private sweating treatment.

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