Whether it’s International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day… or just today, any day is a great time to celebrate being a woman – so that’s exactly what we’re doing at Virgin Care Private.

As women we have many different roles but we often forget to take the time to look after ourselves. So, on Friday 16 March, we’re hosting a free Women’s Wellness event in our Feel good space at our beautiful health and wellbeing clinic in the city centre. Women from across Birmingham are joining together to get advice and top tips about how they consciously take the time to look after themselves.

As we’ve no space left at our event we thought we should do our bit to spread the love and offer 10% of our Wellwoman check-ups, dermatology services and aesthetics services.

Sabina, one of our brilliant psychologists, has pulled together seven really simple top tips to help us create the kind of lifestyle that allows us to create the space to be our best selves.

  1. Eat well. Life is very busy we work hard and it can be exhausting we need to create space for self care. Having the right fuel in your body helps you to function at your best and maintain your energy levels

  2. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can help stay in the present for all different demands in life. Mindfulness is living in the moment, noticing what is happening and making choices in how you respond to your experience, rather than being driven by habits. Take three mins every day to sit in silence and concentrate on your breathing, focus on the here and now
  1. Practice acceptance. Sometimes we can’t control what’s happening to us but what we can do is control how we respond to a situation

  2. Develop your social network. Social interaction is important for mental health and wellbeing. Talk to friends, family and colleagues can build strong relationships and is a good way to distress

  3. Focus on a good sleep routine. Sleep is an important part of our lives but many of us don’t pay attention to it. It’s not until we have problems we notice the importance of sleep. We all are different in the amount of sleep we require. Some people require 7 to 8 hours other people require 4 to 5 hours. Sleep is important for our physical health, restoring energy, repair and growth, psychology wellbeing, mood, concentration, and work performance. Lack of sleep may lead to poor concentration, memory difficulties, irritability, impaired judgement and reaction time. Have a good sleep routine and cut out stimulants before bed.
  4. Find the stress management techniques that work for you. Reduce your caffeine intake and increase your fluid intake. Exercise regularly this can be from going for a long walk, being in the outdoors can improve your mood. Mindful walking is a great way to relax.
    A twenty minute walk can release endorphins. Carry out an activity you enjoy doing for example gardening, dancing or start a new hobby that you always wanted to try.
  1. Develop your emotional resilience. Emotional resilience is about being about to adapt to stressful situations “People get disturbed not so much by events but by the view which they take of them.” Epictetus. People who bounce back from difficult times often are very resourceful and are flexible in their thinking.         

Pssst…. We also do Wellman check-ups and loads more.

Visit us at our clinic in Birmingham, give us a call on 0300 247 0121 or email us at hello@virgincare.co.uk to find out more about all our health and wellbeing services.