Irritated by your frown lines? Feeling like you look angry all the time? Are you hiding your forehead wrinkles with a fringe? These are all common concerns bothering patients we see in clinic seeking anti-wrinkle treatments. These concerns can be reduced with non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

The most common and appropriate treatment for these areas is the use of Botulinum toxin (“Botox”). This is the most commonly used anti-wrinkle agent, commonly used to treat frown, forehead or squinting (“crow’s feet”) lines around the eyes.

Botox has been used in medical practice for many years, to help treat other conditions such as migraines, over-active bladders, and muscular disorders just to name a few. Over the last 10 years, the aesthetic use of this product has been increasing and being constantly refined. Now, we’re able to offer predictable, safe, and reliable treatments to treat your wrinkle related concerns.

Anti-wrinkle treatment works by reducing the activity of the muscles, causing the expressions related to the development of lines and wrinkles. This process takes up to 14 days to have its full effect, with results lasting an average of 3 months.

These treatments are not permanent which allows you to return to their previous level of expressions (muscle movements) once the effect has faded.
This also adds to your safety, as any unwanted effects will normally resolve themselves without the need for further actions or treatments.

At Virgin Care Private, we offer an extensive selection of anti-wrinkle treatments for both men and women. As we use only UK licensed products, we are able to offer predictable and reliable results delivered safely by our Aesthetic Doctors in our welcoming environment.

An anti-wrinkle treatment usually takes no more than 10 minutes, but we recommend you set aside up to an hour for your consultation and treatment - especially if you are new to Virgin Care Private.

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