Maybe I’m an internal optimist or maybe I’ve just been filling my brain with positive thoughts…

Today is Time to talk day – a day dedicated to getting us to talk about mental health. I personally think every day should be Time to talk day, but I’m getting behind it because I really believe together we can normalise conversations about positive and negative mental health and help each other to be our best selves in the process.

Here’s the fact – we all have mental health – just like we all have physical health. You may not be able to see it, but each of us has it and we generally know when we’re having a good or a bad day. And just like our physical health, if we don’t look after our mental health we end up feeling unwell and it can have a huge impact on our lives.

However, we can also nurture our mental health and the impact of that can make us feel unstoppable as we start to believe in ourselves and when we believe in ourselves we can achieve anything.

The brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, you can train it to do things. So if you keep feeding your brain with negativity it will only train itself to think negative thoughts. However, if you can challenge your mindset and fill your brain with positive thoughts, your brain will train itself to think positive thoughts.

It may sound easier said than done, but if you really step back and look around, you will have something to be grateful for – it doesn’t have to be anything big – as simple as having time to make a cup of tea or as huge as being surrounded by people who love you.

So today I would urge you to think about how you can change the conversation around you to a positive one, challenge your mindset and feed your brain with positivity. Just think of one thing every day that you can be grateful for. Maybe share those things with a friend or colleague or offer up praise and optimism to those around you.

I genuinely believe with a positive mindset you, and those around you will be able to achieve whatever you put your mind to - so let’s change the conversation together.


#LiveLifeBetter #TimeToTalk