Why can’t I lose weight? Once I’ve lost it, will the weight stay off? What weight loss tips really work? A lot of people find they struggle with weight loss and don’t really know how to lose weight.
Whether it’s keeping to a strict diet plan or ensuring we get the recommended levels of daily exercise, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there as to the best way to lose weight. If you’re one of those people who struggle with weight loss through dieting and exercise alone, it could be worth booking in for a weight loss check-up to find out the cause; we will also assess your current health and fitness levels to make sure you’re living well and then keeping well. Eating the right amount and type of food, and exercising are the keys to maintaining a healthy body and mind. But if you find that you’re doing all the right things and the weight still won’t budge, Virgin Care Private can help you get to the bottom of your weight loss problems with our weight loss check-up.

Things that might affect your weight loss

There might be a few of reasons why you’re struggling to lose weight or body fat, such as slow metabolism, an underactive thyroid, a hormonal imbalance or other medical conditions. Your daily diet and sleeping habits could also be having a negative impact on your weight loss efforts. So while crash dieting might seem like a quick fix, fad diets aren’t recommended as they can have serious effects on your long-term health – but our check-up can help you find the answers.
Our ‘Why Can’t I Lose Weight?’ health check-up will help you find out what’s stopping you from losing weight and body fat – and help you feel better. Our health experts will give you a personalised weight loss plan, focussing on your current lifestyle and long-term health goals.

Your weight loss check-up

At Virgin Care Private we’re passionate about encouraging regular, and bespoke, full medicals. These help people to take control of own health and wellbeing. So we’ve developed a range of expert health checks, to give you the clearest picture of your current health.

Your weight loss check-up will take between 45 and 60 minutes and we’ll take a close look at your current health and fitness. We’ll take your blood pressure and check your BMI (body mass index, a ratio of healthy weight to height,) to help us draw up a personal action plan to keep you fit and healthy. We’ll also find out more about your family medical history to assess why you can’t lose weight.

Your health check-up will include:

  • •   A bespoke consultation with a consultant followed by a personal medical report
  • •   Medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • •   Height, weight, blood pressure and BMI check
  • •   Thorough range of blood tests including early morning cortisol, TSH, free T4, Free T3, HbA1c.
  • •   Liver function test, renal function and an overnight dexamethasone suppression test to include 1 cortisol level and 2 ACTH level
  • •   Tips for staying happy, healthy and fit
  • •   A thorough look into your diet and sleeping habits
  • •   Weight loss tips and a diet plan tailored to your needs

Our Why can’t I lose weight health check-up is currently at the special price of £380. You can find out more detail about the health check-up itself right here.

Find out more

We’ll look after you throughout the process of booking to any follow-up consultations:

  1. To book in just call us on 0300 247 0121. You pay for your health assessment after you’ve checked out
  2. Once you’ve booked in, we’ll text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive and who you’ll be seeing
  3. We’ll ask you to arrive a little early and you’ll be looked after by one of our hand-picked doctors, or one of our team
  4. You can arrange a follow-up consultation with us at check out, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your progress.

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Everything we talk about will always be confidential.

At Virgin Care Private we like to talk. If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.