Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people requesting lip fillers. This appears to be related to social and other media showcasing lots of young, 20-30-year-olds who have had treatments to enhance the volume of their lips, using dermal fillers. However, lip rejuvenation and enhancement is not exclusively for this age group.

Lips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As you age, your lips change, the volume within the lip is redistributed, and the shape and structures change. This results in a change from a full, well-defined lip to a thinner, elongated and downturned appearance to the lips. Therefore, lip treatment aims to refresh, redefine or enhance lips.

So, when should you get your lips done? This depends on your concern or expectations. A common concern is “when I smile I feel like my lips disappear.” In these cases, often the individual has never had full lips, therefore would potentially benefit from an enhancement to increase the lip volume. Another common concern is “I feel my lips have disappeared!” This is usually related to the natural ageing processes. These individuals often benefit from a lip refresh or redefining to try to rejuvenate the lips back towards their previous natural volume.

The timing of your lip procedure is also important. There might be a little bruising or swelling in the lip area. Our advice to patients is, if they are planning to attend an event or are going abroad within a week following treatment, or have a very public facing job role, we should consider scheduling the treatment at an appropriate time. In most cases, swelling and bruising usually settles 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Luckily, Virgin Care Private are open six days a week, and we offer late night appointments.

We often hear from patients about their concerns about looking un-natural or ‘duck-like’ following a lip treatment. Our expert doctors pride themselves in their ability to provide natural looking lip enhancements and we will only carry out a lip treatment following an in-depth consultation, reviewing risks, benefits, expectations and outcomes.

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