Why am I tired all the time? Why can’t I get to sleep? Why do I always feel tired and lethargic? Why am I feeling so run down? These are the questions that many of us are asking ourselves as we try and put our best foot forward to have a healthy start to 2019. Something as simple as not getting enough sleep can badly affect your health. Although sometimes we all feel tired or run down, there could also be other, more serious reasons why you’re suffering from a lack of energy and tiredness. While the solution could be simple, there are also many medical reasons you might feel tired – so it’s something you shouldn’t ignore.

A change of diet or a lack of vitamins and minerals might be causing fatigue. Lifestyle factors, which are easily put right, could be to blame; such as your working hours, your sleep pattern or a weight issue. But your tiredness could also be caused by a more complex underlying medical condition, such as undiagnosed diabetes or an underactive thyroid. If the worry of not knowing what is making you feel so tired is keeping you up at night, Virgin Care Private can help you get to the bottom of your tiredness problem with our Why am I tired all the time?’ Fatigue Check-Up.

Things that might be making you feel tired

At Virgin Care Private we realise there are no one-size-fits-all approaches. Our personalised health check-up will help diagnose any medical reasons for feeling tired. And based on the results, we’ll create a bespoke treatment plan, to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. If you’ve recently put on or lost a lot of weight, are feeling lethargic or exhausted, are suffering from low libido, or perhaps feel there could be a hormone imbalance or problem, then this check-up – for adults of all ages and genders – could help answer your questions.

Your ‘Why am I tired all the time?’ Fatigue Check-Up

Your check-up will take around 60 minutes and during your screening, we’ll take a look at your current health and fitness levels to determine what might be the cause of your fatigue.
We’ll test your blood pressure and measure your BMI (body mass index, a ratio of healthy weight to height,) to help us draw up a personal action plan to keep you fit and healthy.
We’ll also find out more about your family medical history to assess your risk of developing diabetes, anaemia or depression.

We’ll tailor your ‘Why am I tired all the time?’ Fatigue Check-Up to suit your age, health and fitness level. If you’re unsure of which tests you need, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.

Your health check-up will include:

  • •   A bespoke consultation with a consultant followed by a personal medical report
  • •   Your medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • •   Height, weight, blood pressure and BMI check
  • •   Thorough blood tests including a full blood count
  • •   Liver function test, renal function, electrolytes, calcium, TSH, free T4, free T3, cortisol, testosterone, SHBG and LH (men)
  • •   Short synacthen test to include 3 cortisol level estimations
  • •   Urine analysis, and checks for risk of diabetes, anaemia and cardiovascular disease
  • •   A detailed look at risks of liver disease, kidney disease and cholesterol problems
  • •   Personalised tips for staying happy, healthy and fit

If you’re interested in seeing more detail and then booking your health check with us you can find it right here.

The cost for the ‘Why am I tired all the time?’ Fatigue Check-Up is currently £380.

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We’ll look after you throughout the process of booking to any follow-up consultations:

  1. To book in just call us on 0300 247 0121. You pay for your health assessment after you’ve checked out
  2. Once you’ve booked in, we’ll text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive and who you’ll be seeing
  3. We’ll ask you to arrive a little early and you’ll be looked after by one of our hand-picked doctors, or one of our team
  4. You can arrange a follow-up consultation with us at check out, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your progress.

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Everything we talk about will be confidential.

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.