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Employee GP appointments when it suits your team

Whether you’re the organisation or the employee, nobody wants to take half a day off to see their local doctor or wait three weeks to be seen. We all want instant access to great quality doctors we can trust, to treat us when we need it, at a time that suits us.

Get seen, get sorted

That’s why our doctors are available for appointments whenever your employees need one. Most of the time, that means seeing a GP on the same day or outside working hours. We’re open from 8am till 7pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 10am till 2pm.

We can also prescribe privately and issue the medication at the clinic, on the spot. We offer a range of options for corporate clients and can tailor the package to meet your needs, but our best deal is the annual membership.

We offer a range of options for corporate clients and can tailor the package to meet your needs, but our best deal is the annual membership.

As part of the annual subscription, each employee will have access to our same-day and pre-bookable private GPs and receive a free annual health check from one of our expert doctors for less than £1 a day. These annual health ‘MOTs' are enormously valuable in identifying issues before they become severe. This can significantly contribute to reducing time-off from sickness, as well as making sure employees feel well cared for.

To book an appointment all your employee needs to do is book with us (online or by phone) and show up with their Virgin Care Private membership card.

Our welcoming space is thoughtfully designed to be stress-free, discrete and safe. We’re regulated, just like the NHS, by the Clinical Quality Commission (CQC) and, as you’d expect, we take quality and customer experience very seriously. We also offer a variety of workplace health services, from medicals and stress management to drug and alcohol testing.

Our private GPs do everything you’d expect from your NHS GP and more.

Independent medicals and pre-employment screening

Whether it’s about getting colleagues back to work quickly to reduce short and long term sickness absence, or it’s about recruiting great people quickly, our independent medicals and pre-employment screening will help you do that.

Travel vaccination and immunisations

Whether it’s immunisations or last minute travel vaccinations, we’re able to give speedy access to your employees at a time that works around their schedule.

Diagnostics and blood tests 

From blood tests through to allergy testing, we have more than 1,500 different tests that we carry out in the clinic. We can also do a whole range of diagnostics in the clinic and through our trusted partners.

Sexual health testing 

We’re discrete, speedy and results are back quickly. None of your employees should be worried about their sexual health for long.

Let us help you start living life better

We’d love to talk to you about our private pay as you go GP services and memberships. Please give us a call on 0300 247 0121 and we’ll be able to discuss pricing and options for you in more detail.

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What our clients are asking us

I didn’t even know I could pay for healthcare without private medical insurance.

Rhys, London

I've always been priced out of private healthcare, but Virgin are about to make same-day GP appointments affordable. Excited to see this launch!

Emily, London

Start living life better

From booking your first consultation to prescribing the right plan of action, our health and wellness experts are here to help you get healthier now – and stay that way.

As soon as we open you’ll be able to book your first appointment online. We’ll have same day and pre-bookable appointments

We’ll text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive at one of our friendly clinics

Meet with our experts and find the advice and reassurance you’re looking for

Decide on your plan of action and the next steps to get you back to full fitness. We’ll give you ongoing support and advice to help make sure you reach your goals

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Everything we talk about will be confidential. We won’t share anything with your NHS doctor unless you ask us to.