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Cervical screening saves 5,000 lives a year in the UK, you will be invited as part of the national screening programme to attend for a smear test. However, cervical screening is no longer available on the NHS for women between the ages of 18 and 25. If you fall into this age bracket it’s still important to get tested regularly. 

If you are feeling anxious beforehand, you can ask a member of your family or friend to accompany you. 

Cervical screening is NOT a test to find cancer. It can help us detect signs of any abnormal cells that might be at risk of becoming cancerous cells in the future and regular cervical screening gives you the best protection against developing cervical cancer.

Between 90 and 94% of all screening results come back normal, with no abnormalities found. It is important to remember that an abnormal screening result rarely means cancer. 

If you are worried or concerned and would like a smear test at any stage then please feel free to speak to one of our experienced client advisors and GPs about this test who will be able to help.

What if my smear test results are abnormal?

Abnormal smear results are not uncommon and don’t necessarily mean you are at risk of developing cervical cancer. You may be referred for a colposcopy which simply involves a close examination of your cervix and which our GPs can perform.

The majority of abnormal smears are caused by a virus known as HPV, which we can test for alongside your smear. One of our GPs will go through your results with you and explain what has been found and any next steps.

A cervical smear and HPV test can be performed in a £55.00 GP consultation for a full consultation and follow up.

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