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Whether you’re looking for paternity confirmation, a diagnosis for an inherited condition or you want to know if you’re a carrier of an inherited disease before starting a family, your DNA and genes hold the answers to a lot of important questions.

A DNA test or relationship test can be used to help confirm paternity relationships and siblingships. We can test your DNA using a swab for quick answers to the big questions. Our legal DNA tests comply with court requirements and are full chain of custody which means they are legal and can be used in UK courts.

We use an award winning laboratory that is UKAS ISO17025 accredited and Home Office approved, guaranteeing your results will be accepted by the Home Office, General Registry Office (GRO) and Child Support Agency (CSA).

At Virgin Care Private, we are able to test for a number of different relationships:

  • Paternity
  • Maternity
  • Siblingship
  • Grandparent
  • Uncleship
  • Auntship
  • Twin Testing
  • Y Chromosome
  • X Chromosome

DNA testing and paternity

A DNA test can be used to help confirm paternity relationships, and it can also be used to help find and reconnect with estranged family members. We can test your DNA using a swab or simple blood test, for quick answers to the big questions.

As DNA is unique to an individual, a child will have the exact DNA of its mother and father, making it possible to determine whether an individual is the father of the child or not. DNA profiling is the most conclusive method available to prove paternity and allows proof of parentage at a level of certainty beyond reasonable doubt.

At Virgin Care Private, we offer the fastest possible DNA relationship testing in the industry. Most companies take between three to five days; we can have your results ready within 24 hours, we provide next day testing as standard.

You will be provided with the most accurate form of DNA testing in the industry, we utilise 25 markers DNA testing, with the industry standard using only 16 markers, this reduces the risk of an inconclusive result.

This genetic test takes approximately 24 hours to process and provide a result, however we recommend allowing 48 hours. Each test has three sample swabs. If you need another sample for someone else this would be an extra £150 per sample/person.

It is not necessary to collect a sample from the mother for DNA testing.

We will need to see your ID (passport or driving licence) at the time we take your sample and you will also need a copy of your ID and a recent passport-sized photograph, this is to be sent off with your sample.

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.

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