It’s really important that everyone gets their sexual health checked regularly. Virgin Care Private’s beautiful, discrete and stress-free, STI clinic in Birmingham can give you speedy results, confidential testing and peace of mind right in the city centre.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don’t always show symptoms, so if you think you might be at risk, why not book in for a full discrete private STI check today with one of our doctors at your local Virgin Care Private STD clinic here in Birmingham. Our doctors will talk through any concerns you may have, give you expert sexual health advice and get your results back to you quickly.

Speedy, discrete and reliable testing

We carry out discrete, private STI testing and screening, including gonorrhoea and chlamydia tests, and prescribe and supply treatment where necessary. We offer STI testing with speedy turnaround times – because we know no-one likes waiting for important results.

We also offer instant HIV testing – 10 days post exposure with same day results.

Because it’s a private, discrete clinic right in the city centre of Birmingham, you don’t need a referral and we can see you the same day you enquire, and give you the results back quickly, so you don’t have to wait and worry. We have a number of instant tests, but for those that aren’t, you would usually get your results back within 1-3 working days.

We also have a very experienced sexual health consultant who specialises in complex cases.

Our comprehensive service works around your schedule

At Virgin Care Private your private STI consultation and treatment is 100% confidential and your details and results are totally private. All our tests are done on site.

We’re here for:

         Sexual health advice

         Instant sexually transmitted infection (STI) checks

         Chlamydia tests – instant and 2-day turnaround

         Gonorrhoea tests – instant and 2-day turnaround

         Syphilis testing – instant and 2-day turnaround

         HIV testing – instant and via laboratory – 2 - 4-day turnaround

         Hepatitis A, B and C Screening

         Hepatitis vaccinations

         Other combined STI/STD testing

         Psychosexual counselling

Instant chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing

We test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea with a simple swab test for women, and a urine sample for men. If the results are positive, we’ll prescribe the right course of antibiotics to treat your STD. We do an instant STI test for both, so you don’t have to worry or wait for your results.

Early detection same day HIV testing (10 days post exposure)

If you’ve had unprotected sex and you think you may have been exposed to HIV and want a same day result where exposure was more than 10 days ago then we can help. We are pleased to be one of the only clinics in the UK to offer same-day HIV tests from 10 days after you may have been exposed to the virus. Our GPs can take a blood test, and you will have your results by the end of the day.

Hepatitis A, B and C screening

A single blood test lets us screen for all three types of hepatitis at the same time, or for individual cases of Hepatitis A (HAV), B (HBV) or C (HCV) if we think there is only a risk of one type. Your results will then be ready in 24 hours. We’ll talk through the blood test results with you, and prescribe medication if it’s needed at this stage, and we’ll work with you to draw-up a lifestyle plan to help prevent any further damage to your liver. We include Hepatitis testing as part of our full STI screening service.

We also offer the Hepatitis A vaccine and Hepatitis B vaccine as part of our preventative vaccination service for anyone that has a higher risk of contracting the viruses.

Syphilis test

Our Syphilis test also uses a blood test to check for traces. We’ll get you on the right course of treatment to help you get back to feeling 100%.

Combined, comprehensive, sexual health test

Some STIs like chlamydia often don’t show symptoms. If you’ve had unprotected sex with a new partner, or you’re worried there is a risk of infection, book in for a full STI test. Our GPs can also test for Hepatitis A, B and C and HIV, for complete peace of mind. We also offer a full range of private contraception options and advice.

Let us help you start living life better

All our sexual health tests are done in a £55 GP appointment.

From booking your tests with us to receiving your results, we’ll look after you through the whole process.

1. To book in just call us on 0300 247 0121. You pay when you check out for the majority of our tests

2. Once you’ve booked in, we’ll then text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive and who you’ll be seeing

3. We’ll ask you to arrive a little early and you’ll be looked after by one of our brilliant team

4. You can arrange a follow-up consultation with us at check out

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Everything we talk about will be confidential.

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.

Meet our team

Our expert team can be there to support you every step of the way.

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Start living life better

From booking your first consultation to prescribing the right plan of action, our health and wellness experts are here to help you get healthier.

We have same day and pre-bookable appointments.

We’ll text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive at one of our friendly clinics

Meet with our experts and find the advice and reassurance you’re looking for

Decide on your plan of action and the next steps to get you back to full fitness. We’ll give you ongoing support and advice to help make sure you reach your goals

We take your privacy extremely seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested from us.