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Book in for your full well woman’s health check – we’ll assess your current health and fitness levels to make sure you’re living well and staying well. Your well woman check includes a BMI and blood pressure test, an assessment of your personal and family medical history and more, helping us put an action plan in place for regular risk monitoring. For the Well woman over 45 health check, we’ll also test for high traces of the HE4 and CA125 proteins in your blood to catch any cases of ovarian cancer as early as possible and begin treatment sooner.

We’re here for:

  • Blood pressure and pulse checks
  • Medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Height, weight and BMI check
  • Ovarian cancer test (for women over 45 years-old)
  • Checking for early signs of the menopause
  • Advice for regularly checking your breasts for signs of breast cancer
  • Tips for staying happy, healthy and fit
  • We can also offer you a cervical smear if you are not up to date

Health checks for women under 45

During your well woman check, we’ll take a look at your current health and fitness. Blood pressure measurements and BMI checks help us draw up a personal action plan to keep you fit and healthy. We’ll also find out more about your family medical history to help assess the risk for developing diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and more. We’ll show you the correct way to monitor your breasts for any lumps, bumps and changes, and carry out a breast cancer check there and then, so that we catch any signs of breast cancer as early as possible. 

Health screening for women over 45

If you’re aged 45 and over, your health screening check also includes an ovarian cancer screening. We carry out CA125 blood test to help detect high levels of the HE4 and CA125 proteins in the blood – a sign of ovarian cancer. We’ll then combine the results of the HE4 and CA125 tests to get a ROMA (Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm) calculation for the risk of finding ovarian cancer during surgery. If your Well woman check has found high levels of HE4 and CA125 in your blood, we may need to do an ultrasound to take a closer look at the cause. Our GPs will also be happy to discuss the menopause with you if it's something you are worried about or interested in understanding more about.

We are offering a free flu jab when you book a check-up, for more information click here.

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