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We’re a team who are totally passionate and committed to helping you live life to the full - whether that's through helping improve your physical health, your emotional wellbeing, or by giving you confidence back in your skin and appearance. We’ve all come from different backgrounds and had different paths to get to where we are today, but together our values and experience make us uniquely Virgin Care.

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Stephanie Byrom

Operations Director
I joined Virgin Care in 2015 to lead our NHS primary care services, before moving across to take up my new post launching and running Virgin Care Private. My special interests include business development, change management and innovation in healthcare.

Mr Amit Parmar

Consultant ENT Surgeon
My specialisms include dizziness, hearing loss, sleep apnoea and snoring surgery, sinusitis, sinus disease, allergies, feeding problems and tongue tie, ear and throat infections, thyroid and neck lumps, salivary gland surgery, voice problems, and all aspects of paediatric ENT. The best thing about being an ENT Surgeon is being able to use state of the art equipment to solve both medical and surgical problems.

Dr Christos Kasparis

Consultant Dermatologist
I look after all types of skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, moles, skin allergy, pigmentation problems, excessive sweating, and hair and nail disorders. The best thing about being a Dermatologist is being able to improve patients’ quality of life by offering the most up to date, evidence-based therapies.

Dr Harpreet Bilkhoo

General Practitioner
As a GP I am a multi-specialist, but I have a particular interest in diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory and mental health. The thing I love most about being a GP is being able to go to work and make a real difference to my patients.

Jenna Sellis

CBT & EMDR Therapist
My special interests include Eating Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I have published research in the field of Eating Disorders. The best thing about being a therapist is the reward I get from seeing patients reach their goals and helping people through the difficult times in their lives.

Liz Saunders

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
My special interests include depression, generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, social anxiety, PTSD and drug and alcohol misuse. The best thing about being a CBT Psychotherapist is being able to help people understand their difficulties and break the negative cycle to move forward in life. I am passionate about wellbeing in the workplace and mental health in young people.

Dr Vikram Swaminathan

Aesthetic Medicine Doctor
My special interests include structural enhancements (cheek, jawline, under eye, nose), skin rejuvenation and cosmetic corrections (scars, acne pitting, cosmetic complications). The best thing about being an Aesthetic Doctor is helping my patients feel more confident in themselves and happier with their appearance.

Mark Sheldon Lloyd

Plastic Surgeon
My special interests include correction of all ear deformities in adults and children, birthmark and mole removal and expert witness legal reports. The best thing about being a surgeon is client satisfaction.

Sheila Ridgley

My specialist areas include relationship issues, PTSD, anxiety/ depression and eating disorders. I really enjoy seeing my clients taking back control of their lives, especially when they feel all hope is lost or they feel "stuck".

John Hartley

I am highly specialised in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and athletic development. I really enjoy my work as a physio, and I'm keen to offer the same level of physiotherapy service that elite athletes currently receive to all my clients.

Jess Lonsdale

Managing Director
As MD of Virgin Care Private, I’m here to create brand that helps people not just get better, but helps them live well and stay well.

Richard Bath

Clinic Manager
I have always had a passion for promoting health and wellbeing and I love working in an environment where the service you provide has a positive impact on people.

Rajeev Peravali

Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon
My special interests include Bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and pelvic floor disorders. The best thing about being a General and Colorectal Surgeon is the ability to improve quality and quantity of life.

Lalitaa Suglani

Counselling Psychologist
My special interests include improving self-esteem and assertiveness and addressing problems caused by anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, relationship issues, depression, and abuse. The best thing about being a Psychologist and Coach is the impact you have on someone’s life.

Dr Tarun Gupta

Lead Medical Director
My special interests include occupational health and mental health and I have postgraduate diplomas in both these areas.

Dr Deepak Goyal

Consultant Cardiologist
My special interests include management of angina, palpitations, hypertension, breathlessness and dizzy spells. The best thing about being a cardiologist is offering a vast variety of therapeutic interventions to treat and prevent heart diseases.

Dr Sukbinder Bilkhu

My special interests include self-harm, developmental trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, relationship and attachment difficulties. I really enjoy seeing the people develop more adaptive ways of coping with their difficulties and lead a life that is more meaningful and worth living.

Dr Abir Doger

Pain Specialist Consultant
My special interests are back and neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, complex pain syndromes and cancer pain. The best thing about being a pain specialist is having the ability to help my patients to get back to their cherished activities. I have always believed that treatment delayed is treatment denied.

Alison Wilkinson

My specialist areas include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and work issues, trauma, obsessive thoughts and behaviours and PTSD.

Claire Fudge

Nutritionist & Dietician
My special interests include gastroenterology (IBS and intolerances), the effects of body composition on athletic performance and gastrointestinal distress in athletes.

Sabina Bedi

Consultant Psychologist
The best thing about being a psychologist is helping people through difficult times in their lives and helping them to feel better within themselves. I also really enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds and helping people look at different coping strategies in order for them to manage their emotional distress.

Vivek Wadhwa

Consultant Urological Surgeon
I’m excited to be joining the Virgin Care Private team because I am enthusiastic and keen to promote all aspects of patients care. I’m looking forward to working in an environment which can offer the best care for my patients.

Dr Joannis Vamvakopoulos

Consultant in General Medicine and Endocrinologist
The best thing about being a medical consultant is the constant exposure to cutting-edge medical knowledge. I really enjoy putting this to good use and am passionate about personalised care.

Balwinder Hunjan

My special interests include anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, self-harm, anger management, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, psychosis, relationship issues and stress.

Bubby Bhandal

The best thing about being a sonographer is that it enables me to interact with different patients daily whilst constantly using my clinical knowledge and gaining more experience.

Elaine Ricketts

My special interests include counselling adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, depression, domestic violence, low self-esteem and individuals with suicidal thoughts. In my sessions, I also offer the client the use of art therapy which they can use as part of our therapeutic journey.

Imtiyaz Mohammed

My special interests include abdominal pain, reflux disease, altered bowel habit, rectal bleeding, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, gallstones, jaundice and liver disease, gastroscopy and nutrition and bowel cancer screening.

Jenna Hayes-Allen

CBT Therapist
The best thing about being a CBT therapist is being able to use my knowledge to help my patients, not only understand the illnesses and disorders they have but to actually put together a course of treatment that can positively impact their life and well-being.

Lisa Alexander

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
The best thing about being a Psychotherapist is sharing a client's journey in the hope that they find clarity. I am passionate about well-being in general and in particular the well-being of young people.

Ayyaz Sultan

General & Interventional Cardologist
The best thing about being a cardiologist is to be a partner of our clients in deciding what they need to do to reduce their cardiovascular risk to live a healthier and productive life. I am passionate about health promotion and health education.

Farzana Siddiqui

Consultant in Sexual Health & Psycho-Sexual Counsellor
My special interests include sexual health and psychosexual medicine. The best thing about being a doctor is that one can develop a rapport with patients and make a difference.

Nichola Hanson-Jones

My special interests include the effects of living with long-term or life-changing illness such as anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation, chronic pain and all forms of loss whether that be through bereavement, divorce or other forms of loss such as redundancy. I also specialise in interpersonal relationships working with you to resolve any areas of difficulty and conflict that you may be experiencing.

Raj Bassi

CBT Therapist
The best thing about being a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist is working collaboratively with clients towards reaching their goals from therapy. I am passionate about the importance of a therapeutic relationship, which is developed from trust and confidence where individuals can discuss presenting concerns they are experiencing.

Shabi Ahmad

Consultant Urological Surgeon
I’m excited to be joining the Virgin Care Private team because of it being the most innovative healthcare system in the country which is bringing primary and specialist care under one roof. I’m looking forward to being a Virgin Care Private team member.

Mike Tivey

I’m excited to be joining the Virgin Care Private team because it is committed to providing the best health and emotional wellbeing care when you need it most, without the waiting times of other services. I’m looking forward to working as part of this highly qualified professional team.

Mohammed Saleh

My special interests include musculoskeletal, obstetrics and abdominal ultrasound. The best thing about being a sonographer is variety and sharing that special moment with expectant parents. I am also really passionate about technological advancements and in particular, computer-aided diagnosis.

Raja Venkataraman

Orthopaedic Consultant
I’m extremely pleased and privileged to be joining the Virgin Care Private team because of its reputation to provide high-quality customer centred service in all walks of life be it vocation, recreation or health. I’m looking forward to joining a dynamic, stable and an outstanding team in helping build this organisation and its services to improve the health and quality of life, of my patients.

Kuntrapaka Srinivas

Orthopaedic Consultant
The best part of being an Orthopaedic surgeon is learning about the newest treatment and techniques and using them to help treat and care for my patients. I’m thrilled to be joining the Virgin Care Private team because of the outstanding dedication to world-class customer service. I’m really looking forward to providing high-quality care and making a difference to our patient's lives.

Vandhana Patel

The best thing about being a Dietician is following the client journey, empowering them to build a healthy relationship with food to overcome fears and helping them transform both physically and mentally. My mantra is “It’s not what you eat it’s about why you eat!”
I am passionate about self–development, fitness and health and a firm believer in a positive mindset.

Vinod Menon

Consultant General & Upper GI Surgeon
The best thing about being laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal & obesity surgeon is seeing first hand the results my operations have. I’ve carried out over 600 bariatric (obesity) and Oesophageal cancer operations with excellent outcomes.

Surendra Karanam

Consultant immunologist and allergy specialist
My special interests include Adult & Paediatric allergy and Primary Immunodeficiency. I’m looking forward to enhancing the care of patients with allergies using advanced diagnostics such as allergen micro-array and treatments such as immunotherapy and desensitisation.

Gunaratnam Shyamalan

Orthopaedic Consultant
My special interests include hand, wrist and elbow problems and upper limb nerve related conditions. The best thing about being a surgeon is the ability to use my mind and my hands to make a difference to patients. I am also really passionate about rugby and the family.

Dr Bilal Ladak

General Practitioner
The best thing about being a GP is being to look after people holistically. This ensures that the physical, mental and social wellbeing all work together in harmony. I am passionate about giving people the tools and advice to help them be their best selves.

Dr Stephen Rose

Consultant Paediatrician
My special interests are paediatric allergies, diabetes and endocrinology. The best thing about being a Consultant Paediatrician is having a wide exposure to all aspects of general paediatrics.