Make sure you’re practising safe sex and speak to one of our GPs for advice about contraception and family planning. We’re here with support to help find the right contraception for you.  

We’re here for:

  • Condoms (male and female) and other barrier methods

  • Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD coil)

  • The contraceptive pill

  • Emergency contraception

  • Contraceptive implant

  • Contraception advice

  • Private family planning clinic services

  • Contraception care

  • Implant and coil removal

  • Advanced pregnancy test

  • Discussion, support and referral for an unplanned pregnancy

Private coil fitting and other proactive contraception  

Our GPs are on hand with contraception advice, to discuss your preferred contraception methods and lifestyle to make sure we find the one for you. Help to protect against pregnancy with the pill, the IUD coil, contraceptive implant removal and fitting and more. We also have both male and female condoms to help keep you safe from STIs and STDs.

Private contraceptive implant

The contraceptive implant is a small flexible rod which is inserted under the skin of the upper arm. It slowly releases the hormone Progesterone and lasts for about three years but can be taken out sooner. The cost of the implant is £126 plus the cost of the consultation and fitting which is £110. The removal of an implant costs £55 plus the cost of the consultation and removal which is £55.

Emergency contraception

If you think your normal choice of contraception might not have you properly covered, and you’re worried about the risk of unplanned pregnancy, book an appointment today for the morning after pill. Our expert GPs are here to talk you through it all and can help with other contraception emergencies such as implant removal.

Advanced pregnancy test

Our advanced pregnancy tests are designed to detect pregnancy sooner than other tests soon after implantation occurs. These can be performed in a simple £35 phlebotomy only appointment or in a £55 private GP consultation for a full consultation and follow up.

Unplanned pregnancy

There are many reasons why some women feel that they are unable to continue with the pregnancy. Whatever you feel, you now need to think about what to do. It is important to take time to make the decision that’s right for you, but it’s also important not to delay making your decision.

Don’t let anyone else pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. The decision is yours. For some women, it can be very difficult working out what to do, but there is support available to help you think through all your options.

You can choose to:

  • Continue with the pregnancy and be a parent

  • End the pregnancy by having an abortion (medical or surgical abortion)

  • Continue with the pregnancy and choose adoption

Our GPs can support you and discuss any of these option in detail.

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 
0300 247 0121.

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