A private pathology gives quick results for your peace of mind. Whether it’s for a health check, pregnancy blood test or DNA test, your results can be available the same day.

We have over 1000 laboratory tests – so we’re here for:

  • Blood group checks
  • Anaemia
  • DNA tests
  • Diabetes testing
  • Allergy testing
  • Paternity testing
  • Pregnancy test
  • Blood glucose
  • Hepatitis
  • Instant HIV
  • Allergy
  • H Pylori
  • Liver function tests
  • Private Thyroid gland tests
  • Blood type test
  • EarlyCDT (a convenient blood test that aids in risk assessment and the early detection of lung cancer)
  • Glandular fever
  • Advanced pregnancy (can detect pregnancy quicker than other tests soon after implantation occurs) 

We also have a range of multiple tests and clusters of tests that we call profiles. These can be better value than the individual tests. More comprehensive tests such as a private Complex Thyroid Test can ensure results are in depth and cover the correct variants.

Health checks

Pathology tests have all of the information we need to check your general health, and to answer more specific questions like how certain organs are functioning. They can also be used to test blood glucose levels when testing for diabetes. And a pregnancy blood test can let you know the result earlier than a home test.

Any of the blood tests listed can be performed in a simple £35 phlebotomy only appointment or in a £55 GP consultation for a full consultation and follow up.

When we receive the results from the the private pathology laboratory we contact you immediately so you could even receive same day blood results.

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.

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