Add getting your travel vaccinations to your holiday checklist with our common travel vaccines, and make sure your boosters are up to date with our routine vaccinations and immunisations. Keep your child protected against diseases like whooping cough and polio and keep their immune system developing with our private childhood vaccinations. We also offer flu jabs and boosters for adults at a time that suits you.  ​​​​​​​

Common travel vaccines

If you’re planning on travelling to places like Thailand, India and African countries, you’ll need to get the right list of vaccinations to stay protected. We have anti-malarial medication, cholera vaccines and more to keep you healthy on your holiday.

We have vaccinations for:

•   Hep A (HAV) and Hep B (HBV)

•  Japanese encephalitis

•  Meningitis groups A, C, W and Y (for travellers)

•   Rabies

•   Rotavirus (a type of gastroenteritis)

•   Typhoid 

•   and many more


Routine vaccinations and immunisations

Our routine childhood vaccinations and immunisations help to protect against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP) and more. We also offer immunisation boosters for teenagers and adults against the common diseases and bacterial infections like the 3-in-1 DTP booster and BCG vaccination. If your age or job means you’re at risk of flu and pneumonia, our vaccinations help to make sure nothing holds you back from doing everything you want to do.

We have vaccinations for:

•   Chicken Pox 

•   Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio 

•   Flu 

•   Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

•   Measels, Mumps and Rubella (MMR vaccine)

•   Meningitis (Meningitis B and Children's Meningitis C)

•   Pneumonia 

•   Shingles 

•   Tuberculosis (BCG vaccine)

•   Yellow fever

•   and many more


Chicken Pox vaccinations

The vaccine is given as two separate injections, usually into the upper arm, four to eight weeks apart.


BCG vaccinations

We recommend children under 6 years of age who have not previously had the vaccine can have the vaccine administered here at Virgin Care Private by one of our highly trained GPs. If the child is over the age of 6 years, they will need a Mantoux test before the vaccine can be administered. If this is negative and your child has not had the vaccine before then they can have the vaccine. If you are an Adult (up to the age of 35) requiring the vaccine as you do not have a visible BCG scar and are unsure if you are vaccinated, you will need to have a Mantoux test. If this is negative, you can have the vaccine.

The Mantoux test

A risk assessment and scar verification needs to be carried out before the vaccine and, in most circumstances, a Mantoux test will need to be performed. The Mantoux test is the most popular screening test for TB. It is generally performed prior to giving the BCG vaccination and having the test means you'll need two visits to our clinic to see the GP.

Essentially, part of the protein from the TB bacterium is injected under the skin of the forearm. After 48-72 hours, the arm is checked to see if there has been a reaction and your GP will go through the next steps with you and whether any further investigation is required. 

HPV vaccinations

The HPV vaccine protects against several strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer in women, anal and penile cancer in men and genital warts and oral cancers in both sexes. Depending on your age, you will need two to three doses which are typically administered over three to six months. Please bear in mind a vaccination is not a substitute for routine cervical screening.

Hepatitis A vaccinations

If you've never had a Hepatitis A vaccine before, you will need two vaccines 6-12 months apart for lifelong immunity. If you have had it before – depending on how long ago then you may only need another single vaccine for lifelong immunity. Please call us on 0300 247 0121 for more information on our private vaccinations.

Vaccinations and immunisations can be performed within a £35 vaccination appointment. The only exceptions are BCG and Yellow Fever, which require you to have a £55 GP consultation.