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Planning to move or work aboard? Many countries require a Visa medical exam in order to gain entry.

Our expert GPs can perform a Visa medical exam and all of the associated tests in just a single Visa medical appointment. To ensure your application is completed quickly and smoothly, you’ll even receive your results straight away.

Every country’s requirements are different but we can complete all of the necessary forms and assist you in getting your Visa.

We’re here for:

  • Bahrain Visa medicals
  • Canada Visa medicals
  • Cayman Island Visa medicals
  • China Visa medicals
  • Kuwait Visa medicals
  • Saudi Arabia Visa medicals
  • Seychelles Visa medicals
  • Vietnam Visa medicals

If you need any additional tests, we can provide these too and we’ll complete the medical examiners part of your Visa medical application.

If your specific Immigration or Visa medical isn’t listed on our website, we recommend you give us a call or send us a message as we will do our best to help. 

What to expect from your Visa medical exam?

This will vary based on the country you are visiting but the Visa medical will usually involve a consultation/assessment of 20-30 minutes with one of our specialist consultants. We would recommend allowing an hour to complete your Visa medical appointment.

What do I need to bring to my Visa medical appointment?

You will need a passport as proof of identity, the medical will not be able to take place if you attend without it. You should also bring all relevant Visa documents.

When should I have the Visa medical?

We are very flexible and can usually accommodate most time scales however tight, but for your peace of mind, we recommend getting in touch and having the Visa medical conducted as soon as possible as you are likely to have a very long list of items that need ticking off.

How long will it take to receive my Visa medical results?

This will be confirmed during your appointment; we will get you your results as soon as possible. There will be some tests where the results may take 3-5 days but we will inform you of the timescales when you book.

We’ll fit around your schedule

Our GPs are available at short notice, Monday to Saturday. You won't be rushed. Please call us, email us or complete the online enquiry and we will call you back.

Let’s get you booked in

From booking your appointment with us to receiving your results with one of our doctors, we’ll look after you through the whole process.

To book in just call us on 0300 247 0121. You pay when you check out for your appointment

Once you’ve booked in, we’ll then text you a reminder of the time and date you should arrive and who you’ll be seeing

We’ll ask you to arrive a little early and you’ll be looked after by one of our brilliant team

You can arrange a follow-up consultation with us at check out.

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Everything we talk about will be confidential. 

If you'd like to book an appointment or make an enquiry, please give us a call on 0300 247 0121.


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